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I'm Lois Binalla, Female from the Philippines.

I'm a Vegetarian. I'm an animal-lover, a nature lover.

Loves to read manga and novels. And anything that interests me.

Loves Anime. Loves Manga. Loves to sleep. Loves to Day Dream.

A Paranoid Person. A Nocturnal Person.

Have an Active imagination. A Very frustrated person. Kinda weird I guess.



Wants to be an Animal Whisperer. I know it's too much but being a Dog Whisperer would be just fine.

Art is very important in my life even though I'm not that artistic.

 vegetable(s) creepin'


Green Amber (fossilized tree resin from an ancient relative of a tropical species called “algarroba”) from Dominican Republic

thats the fuckin dragon tales rock

Why Cats Are The Worst: They’re fluffy on the outside but pure evil on the inside. Why do we love them so much?
I’m used to it
—The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via suckingonlarry)

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Little Shepard loves carrots, but she doesn’t hang around long after getting them.

Me right now

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An idea is salvation by imagination
—― Frank Lloyd Wright (via psych-quotes)